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Andrew Agencies Financial Planning

Speak with an accredited Financial Planner at Andrew Agencies.

Financial Planning Areas:

Debt Planning
Insurance Planning
Education Planning
Retirement Planning
Tax Planning
Estate Planning

Your Options:

No Fee

Your existing Financial or Insurance products cover the costs of working with an accredited Financial Planning Professional.

Fee Only

Purchase Financial Planning advice only to implement on your own with cost determined by complexity.

Common Questions

What is Financial Planning?
Financial Planning is a systematic process of evaluating financial goals and appropriate strategies to obtain those goals with an accredited Financial Planner.
What makes a Financial Planner accredited?
Holding a valid Financial Planning designation, which means meeting appropriate standards of knowledge, years of experience and ethical conduct.
Why work with a Financial Planning professional here vs a bank or credit union?
Financial institutions are very focused on selling their products creating a conflict between making money and the client’s best interest. We aim to offer unbiased advice and if applicable, products from a wide range of different institutions.
Do I need a minimum investment value to work with a Financial Planner?
No, your other financial or insurance products may cover the cost of our advice. Another option is to discuss the fee only structure with us.

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