News Release

Umbrella - Insurance

Andrew Agencies Ltd. – December 19, 2019
Re: Ransomware incident

On October 21st, 2019, Andrew Agencies became aware of a targeted attack on the company’s IT infrastructure, in which an unknown third party obtained unauthorized access to our network and uploaded ransomware technology.

Immediately after learning of the incident, we engaged third-party privacy and cyber security experts to assist with the investigation and response. Our immediate priority was to ensure the integrity and security of our network, to restore access to encrypted files, and to launch a comprehensive investigation.

Following a rigorous forensic investigation conducted by leading cyber security forensic experts, we can confirm that we have no evidence that would suggest a privacy breach or that any customer or employee personal information was accessed or apprehended by the attackers.

Throughout this process, we have worked closely with legal experts to ensure we are following all legal and regulatory obligations in relation to this incident. We will continue to do so. Although the individual(s) who attacked our network publicly claimed to have extracted a significant amount of sensitive and confidential data, our investigation has concluded that this is false. We know that the unknown individual(s) was/were able to access high level technical information related to our computer systems, but we have no evidence that would suggest any personal information was impacted.

Throughout this process, our customers and partners have always been our priority. Although the incident had minimal impact on business continuity, we prioritized communicating with our customers directly.

Our data and that of our customers and employees is of the utmost importance to us. We have taken this matter very seriously and have expended considerable resources in the investigation and remediation of this incident. We have put in place any and all steps necessary for remediation and are working closely with experts to identify opportunities to even further strengthen our IT infrastructure.

As a general insurance operation with head offices in Virden, Manitoba and in a total of 18 locations throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, Andrew Agencies has been committed to its customers for generations. We continue to remain committed and give back to a community that maintains its trust in us.